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Sunday, September 13, 2009

my paintings No.11

Today, dad got an idea from web that i should post my paintings as my works in times. i admit his suggestion. i will try to record my growth, including my works, here, to share with my people. 

visit my paintings at google picasaweb . 

here is dad's description on my works hosted on google picasaweb album: 
Baby son, warren zhu, 朱楚甲,more and more turns brilliant smart.we together tried so many pc games, whose companion let baby busier. he likes playing with students of his mother here to receive tutorials, and made a lot of fun. i always hope he can draw or paint. he once tried some painting softwares but soon disliked. recently he started to paint on paper with oil pastel his mother bought him. so nice a start. here his works and growth.
From my Oil pastel diary

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