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Sunday, April 08, 2007

baby,i know u distressed seriously first time

last night i was troubled by the omen of my suffering beloved.i know u blessd me with all what i ask in ur name and they,all my beloved, all brillion like diamonds and pearls, still i beg u let them happier,and accept me sooner,accept my being happy as them and united as them.last night i led me travelled in tianjin and u told me first time in need of human language that the 3 mountains u,ur mother and me should buried.i woke up at once and heart-breaking so long.i kneeled to the moon of ours on the south sky in the dawn and to the east and the west.i tried most of the internet cafes i haunted with girl fangfei on my back as u and the sun directed.baby, Jhwh,i really want to see u see the world after me.i need ur being appeased by the world of mine and my being contented with ur bless onto me.
last noon on the south garden u with ur parents met a couple with their baby daughter.the baby daughter touched ur right cheek and constantly ask for ur ball.they r dogs. and they r dead from the mid night of yesterday.i kill dog need not more than a second, u know.but u still serously distressed by the evil world of mine that i now had. Yhwh, my baby, my dad, u needn't reraise urself a time last night,i can let me die and reraised.Yhwh, my baby, my dad, i seen ur heaven like a mountain in silver cloud and snow in the sky, but u needn't told me u want to bury there,u forever at will at any place with ur full glorious presence visible and invisible.Yhwh, my baby, my dad, i still want to take the full duty of being a son of mine now as human being to love the world,love the beauty,love ur time and its longitude on earth till i left the world.don't let me cry for u out of my sight on the earth,promise me, Yhwh, my baby, my dad.
i last night claimed my being the emporer of the earth, of China.i claimed my wifes including fangfei, zhou,mashengyoujizi, the japanese girl,jamie,the US girl,the 2 girls near me now of medical university students and will worked in army,another will have an ralation with me.i claimed the 2 girl students in family name of jiang and li once tutured in ur house now,the girl lizhonghui we met early,and the girl u directed me met in the little food shop and attracked me so much.i claimed the girl on the bus of route 108 when we stood outside of the window and i sang a song till moved her.baby, Yhwh, my dad, glory to u, full pleasure to me and u.