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Monday, March 16, 2009

baby bathed in warm early spring night


This days family life restored to harmony. baby accepted to join kindergarten in day time, and energetically engaged in gaming in night. i read and search for resources to download, and made index of them. i sees no harsh in God's setting.

last night baby son was bathed. soon after bath he asked to watch a Chinese war movie, "assembly", and got a bit cold. its really a enjoyable moment for the family to see growth.

dogs in office biting all days, last Friday they should saw their failure fatally. they r in fact the dead. i got view that the dead female, Fang, ceased to pest my family, and my baby now under my beloveds' attending, which r full of love and pleasure.

last night God's way again haunted my dream, in which i likely reviewed my affair with my once girl friend, a Liu, when i studied in Nankai Univ., i got know that how fertility important for my Royal and people, how fertile female loveable than any others with other merits.

its sunny now, since morning, in which i dozed for some time till a guy visiting the office and interrupted my mindlessliness. then all the morning busy with trying find a solution for my English version windows xp to support Chinese, and email client to support gmail&yahoo. i see the light after days of finetune.

ok, its a nice day to babble here with u, my most beloved. returning to normal life can mean lose for me, for in the moment i heard ur call was such a loving feeling that i don't want miss. i forever love u and looking every possibility to reunite with u, to start my new life.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

benark route 03/11/2009

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Monday, March 09, 2009

4th snow in Qiqihar&its eve on Women's Day

A Japanese house now occupied by a high rank cadre of the ruling party.
we ready to treat ourselves for Women's Day upon ema's suggestion.

these days i a bit idle, waiting for something. ema reconciled and did her part of duty swiftily. i sorted my stuff and prepared for something. Yesterday is International Women's Day, ema claimed we will dine out, near 5 pm. a cop on his bike awaiting just outside of the garden near emakingir's house, and left before we arrived the cross of the road near he stood. i shot some photos in meal in a nearby restaurant. when we left a single female departing before us and let me doubting if she wanted to show me something. the night at home was peaceful, ema played game for 2 or more hours, while baby watched aside. i watched tv. when we went to bed, its warm still. but in dawn i listened to the wind whirling and very sleepy. when i got up i guessed it snown. after seeing the new snow i picked up my camera again. its 4th time i brought my camera with me in office. now the sunshine like the golden sugar liquid, and warm like baby's soft and wet palms. and i know i was blessed and saved. my fiancees, my most concerned, coming closer than any time when in barriers.