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Friday, August 01, 2008

bookmarks daily 08/01/2008

  • I had contented with my knol, but yesterday i read an article about automatically registering knol with software, i recognized i need claiming knol under my baby, warren, hope of China, lest his name been occupied by others. i launched and in a brizzle i finished a knol. but when i edit his profile, dog in China surveillance started to break in and let errs upon submission and can't finish the task. later i had to give up and returned home.
    my home pc's Internet connection these days constantly very slow, esp. surfing with firefox, really a pain. now i know my home pc likely much easier for dog to surveillance on telcom's router, for i spent 3 hours since 6 to 9 pm i can't finished the task editing profile page and publish the submitted knol. without proxy i even can't access google knol site. they fataly blocked my access to knol, and even with proxies, they likely also broke my submission and torn apart the data and result errs.
    however, in this morning in office, i finished all tasks, in addition claiming knol for my another google account, be21zh.org. fear of hacking and blocking, i prepared all knols contents offline. i indeed prepared them last night, when i restless doubting about how to write about be21zh.org, and God let me dream of his way, to be ur own and no other way to access the unity, except God. God also descended a storm in mid night to inform me. i rightly woke up by it and ema shut down the window. i at once felt blessed. i dreamed of bird shooting.
    claiming knol under be21zh.org's title quite smooth, with another lan proxy i didn't use usually. i also can fine tuned all my family's knol at leasure, thx God. i see so many beauties in google knol and the web. i love google.
    here is all my family knols:
    China Democracy - a knol by ben zhu http://knol.google.com/k/ben-zhu/china-democracy/fr65rgdtqbpx/2
    war in world and China - a knol by warren zhu http://knol.google.com/k/warren-zhu/war-in-world-and-china/1wp6j8mgqi178/2
    warwinzh, save China from war fire-baptism - a knol by warren zhu http://knol.google.com/k/warren-zhu/-/1wp6j8mgqi178/3
    bright, the history and long life of Ming Dynasty - a knol by be21zh org http://knol.google.com/k/be21zh-org/bright-the-history-and-long-life-of/3th72qph5td8u/2

    hope u can visit them and comment on or write reviews.TIA.

    tags: Google, Knol, China, surveillance, God, way, be21zh.org, warren, zhu

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